10 Reasons Why You Should Use Coupons When Shopping

Imagine a scenario where you went to a shop to buy an item and after paying for the item, the seller returns to you 50% of your money and tells you that it is their way of saying thank you for choosing to buy from them and not other similar shops. Would you reject the money? I bet you wouldn’t.

Well, that’s exactly how coupons work except that you may not always get as much as 50% of your money back. But hey, sometimes you can get much more than 50%.

In case you don’t know already, companies allocate so much money a year to attract customers to their products, businesses or services.

Some of the money is then distributed to shoppers in money-saving coupons. If shoppers throw the coupons away instead of using them, they do not get the savings.

Facts and Figures

Surprisingly only a small percentage of shoppers (about 1%) use coupons when shopping.

In 2011, U.S. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketers distributed coupons valued at $470 billion for products used daily like food, beverages, clothing, tobacco and household items. The average coupon had a face value of $1.54. Only $4.6 billion coupons were redeemed. That left coupons valuing $465 billion unused. That’s quite a lot of money rejected by buyers.

At this point, one won’t fail to wonder why so many people don’t use coupons? One main reason is that many people are not away of such offers and promotions. So it may make sense to share with friends when next you come across a working coupon or an amazing offer or promo.

For those still wondering if couponing is worth the effort, here are 10 reasons why you should use coupons when shopping:

1. Coupons are easy to find.

Finding a coupon is quite easy. For instance, assuming you want to find Jumia coupons or coupons for fashion products, you can just google things like “jumia coupons” or “fashion coupons” and Google will throw up to some amazing deals.

More so, you may not even need Google to find coupons. Here on NiaraBargain, you can find the latest working coupons and promo offers. You can find coupons by browsing either by categories or by stores. You can also use the search box to find you favorite store or coupon.

2. Smart people use coupons.

It may interest you to know that the people that use coupons the most are smart shoppers.

Why so you may wonder? The reason is they understand that it is not just about the money that they will save during one shopping trip, but rather the money that can be saved and invested in other things.

Also, based on statistical profiling, people that are civilized are more like to use coupons than people that are not.

3. Coupons save money on must-have items.

Using Coupons

Coupons and deals can help you save money on must-have items. You will usually find “clearance sales” on regular household items.

4. Coupons help you try new products.

To put it simple, coupon + sale = a chance to try something new without spending a lot of money. In other words, you will regularly see coupons that will help you try new products or services at a discount price.

5. Some coupons can get you free goods!


You can receive free orange juice, free shampoo, free toothpaste, free blender, and a variety of other products free by combining a coupon with a sale. A good example is the Gloo.ng coupon that offer you a chance to get blending machine on you 4th order.

6. Coupons help manage food costs.

If you’re trying to save money on food, but want to buy more fresh, whole foods, then coupons can help you manage the costs of any canned, frozen, and packaged goods you need to buy. That leaves more room in the budget for locally-grown produce and grass-fed meat.

7. There is coupon for almost everything.

In addition to the usually food, personal care, and paper products coupons, you can also find coupons to clothing stores, restaurants, travels and booking, and local services. There is a coupon for almost everything you want to buy. If you need to buy new clothes or want to go out to eat, a coupon is a great way to get what you need or want while still saving money.

8. Coupons make splurges more affordable.

If you want to buy something expensive, for example a television, laptop computer or a mobile phone, you can use coupons to make them more affordable. Also using coupons to save money in other areas makes the price of such items manageable.

9. Coupons helps you know the best deal available.

Looking for coupons when you want to do shopping can help you know the best deal available to you. Every store doesn’t run their promotion at the same time. While one store may be selling at the regular prices, the other may be doing anniversary sales.

10. Using coupon is fun.

It is fun to use coupons and promotional sales to get an item about half the regular price. I have seen people brag on how they were able to get an item less than half the regular price during big promotional season like the famous Konga Fall Yakata, black Friday sales, etc.


Using coupons is a serious way to save money and there is not a good reason that I have found for shoppers not to use them. It is not about just saving some money on regular items. The couponing mindset goes much further than that and they incorporate savings in almost everything that you buy.

Anyone who dislikes wasting money will benefit by getting involved in some level of coupon usage. Devoting a few minutes searching for coupons before shopping is financially beneficial and statistically pays off in the long run. You might see yourself saving as much as ₦100,000 or more a year with coupons.

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