Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Shopping online is an amazing way to buy all the things you need. This is because you can buy almost anything without getting out of your bed and have them delivered to you while you are still lying in bed. Literally.

Another amazing thing about online shopping is that all the items you need are just a click away, unlike in offline shopping where you have to go from shop to shop in order to get what you need.

In some countries, like USA, online shopping is well advanced, but in Nigeria, Online shopping is just getting started.

New online shopping sites are emerging in Nigeria everyday with the aim of fixing one problem orders couldn’t fix which makes the competition fierce, and in the other hand, makes things better for the consumers because when there is competition in business, the customers benefit the most. ūüôā

With the emergence of new online shopping sites in Nigeria on a regular bases, it is becoming harder to make up your mind on which one to use in your next shopping. We will explore the top 10 and some honorable mentions in the this post.

So in no particular order, here is the list of the  top 10 online shopping sites in Nigeria and what they have to offer.

Konga is one of the best we have in the country when it comes to online shopping in Nigeria. Konga launched in 2012 and they initially functioned as a Lagos-only online retailer focused on merchandise in the Baby, Beauty, and Personal Care categories, but broadened its scope to all of Nigeria in December 2012 and gradually expanded merchandise categories through 2012 and 2013. (Source).Today Konga is a marketplace with many merchants selling on the site.

Konga offer wide range products with nationwide delivery. has many payment options, including pay on delivery and KongaPay – their own initiative which they claim makes online payment very easy.

You can place your orders on Konga via web, mobile, app or phone call, and Konga offer and exceptional customer service. Their customer care team is always available to take your complain.

Arguably the biggest eCommerce in Africa.

Jumia is a shopping site with a wide range of electronics, fashion, home appliances and kid‚Äôs items. The business was founded in 2012 by a team that included Jeremy Hodara, Sacha Poignonnec, Tunde Kehinde, Raphael Afaedor, and Leonard Stiegeler, with funding from Rocket Internet. As of 2015, Jumia has warehouses in ten other countries, including: Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, United Kingdom, Tanzania and Angola.

Jumia focus on providing you with unforgettable online shopping experience. Jumia offer one of the fastest delivery when it comes to online shopping in Nigeira, but the fast doesn’t come at no cost. Jumia is also known to charge most when it comes to shipping and handling especially if you are outside Lagos.

Jumia also offer same day delivery if you are within Lagos but that also comes at extra cost. Jumia also have an exceptional customer care team that are always at your service when you call.

Recently, Jumia unified all their known online brands to one website in order to give you a better service.




Yudala focus on creating a marketplace where you can find all your shop every thing you need at an affordable price.

Just like the other two online shopping stores mentioned above, Yudala offer a wide range of merchandise; from kid stuff to gadgets, home appliances and many more.

Yudala was launched with a vision to spearhead a revolution in the online and offline business domain on the continent and backed by its considerable financial capacity and technological backbone.

Yudala Limited promises to transform the average shopper’s experience of the market-place with its emphasis on responsive after-sales support, customer-centric approach, wide range of quality, pocket-friendly products; ultra-secure and flexible payment options, as well as efficient distribution system. is leading online shopping site in Nigeria when it comes to household appliances and electronics. Kara is a niche eCommerce site that focus on electronics and home appliances.

Kara’s product line consists mainly of office and household Computers, Electronics and appliances like Air conditioners, laptops, Desktops, TVs, Refrigerators, Printers, and more. Some of the leading mobile phone brands are also available at the store.

Kara Nigeria also stock power generators and inverters for reliable power supply for your home or office. It is also one of the only online stores in Nigeria to stock industrial grade generators. currently offers Mikano industrial-grade diesel generators up to 1500 KVA. promises 100% dedication to customer delight ensuring that everything from placing your order to delivering it right to your doorstep is hassle-free. also offer a flexible payment options that suit everyone, such as online payment via credit/debit card,bank transfer and cash on delivery option.




DealDey is Nigeria’s number one daily deals website where you can find great deals of up to 90% discount on products and services like mobile phones and accessories, Electronics, food, professional courses, spa treatments, fashion, hotel bookings and lots more.

Launched in March 2011, DealDey features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in Nigeria. DealDey is an easy and fun way to get fantastic deals on great experiences. At DealDey support local businesses and in return they support consumers with good savings! DealDey¬†want to create a “Win-Win” scenario each and every day for local merchants who want to attract new customers, and consumers who want to save money and take advantage great services and activities in their own city.



Payporte is an online retail store with headquarters in Nigeria and pressence in five African countries including Kenya, South Africa, Morrocco, Egypt and Ghana, with a mission to become Africa’s leading online retail store.

PayPorte launched in 2014 and has since thrived to ensure it caters to a wide demographic that ranges from the youths and to the young urban professionals, providing a wide variety of products including fashion and accessories, fabrics, furniture, home appliances, tech gadgets and more.




DressMeOutlet is a niche eCommerce store that is focused on fashion, health and beauty products. claims to retail the best selection of products sourced locally and internationally, ranging from dresses to shoes, to bags and jewelry, and health & beauty products. Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, and Michael Kors are a few of the top quality brands ably represented on the retail site.

The idea of revolves around connecting lovers of fashion & health and beauty to ensure they find and choose the best, luxurious, highest-quality products that they love.


Coliseum was formerly known as Taafoo shopping site is another fashion site that deals exclusively on clothing, fashions and wears.

Coliseum is striving so hard to become a massive one-stop fashion destination for their customers. Coliseum have their head office in Logas but also have a branch in Abuja and they are still expanding.

At, you will find both private label products as well as branded labes popular all around the world and that includes the newest G-shock watch collection from the ever-loved Casio.

Coliseum strives so hard to be the no. 1 destination for fashion lovers.




Traclist is another fashion eCommerce site in Nigeria whose focus is on quality. Traclist offer you a wide range of top fashion products.

Like every other online shopping site, Traclist offers its own fashion products that include shoes, apparel and accessories Рbut also allow online fashion sellers to earn profit from offering you the best deals on similar products.

As a marketplace, Traclist connects sellers and buyers together making all your fashion needs available at your finger tips.

Traclist offers nationwide delivery with “pay on delivery” as one of their payment options, but encourages users to pay on their website by giving them 1.5% off when they pay on their website with their ATM cards. I guess this is to encourage cashless economy in the society. is an online supermarket in Nigeria where you can buy all your groceries. wants to take away your pains of going to the supermarket every now and then to get your groceries. provides you a very convenient, very efficient and very affordable means of shopping for supermarket goods, saving you irreplaceable time, needless stress and valuable money, thereby enriching their lives with the happiness these savings facilitate. coupons


Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria –¬†Honorable Mentions

Having mentioned the top 10, here are some online shopping sites in Nigeria that also deserved to be mentioned in this post:

SME MarketHub РSME MarketHub is an online marketplace created by GTbank, with the aim of connecting buyers to sellers. You can get almost any product on SME MarketHub Рlaptops, phones, clothes, even WAEC and JAMB scratch cards. Visit SME MarketHub. – is another eCommerce shop that offer wide range of products. Their products include electronics, home/office appliances, security and surveillance cameras, security safes, cameras and more.

Final Thought

Online shopping is the best way to buy things this modern age. The major advantage of online shopping is that you can easily find the things you need and also compare prices.

The major challenges when it comes to online shopping is trust and delivery. That is why major online shopping sites in Nigeria offer pay on delivery. You only pay when your order is in your hand. And also the likes of Jumia has started offering the same day delivery at extra cost to make sure customers get their orders as soon as possible.

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